ഏറ്റവും പുതിയ വിവരങ്ങൾക്കും സർക്കാർ ഉത്തരവുകൾക്കും ഇനി മുതൽ പുതിയ ലിങ്ക്


Staff Fixation- 2013-14- Guidelines regarding taking the EID/UID printout of the Sixth working day

Staff Fixation- 2013-14, 2014-15 - amendment order

Staff Fixation- Deployment of Excess Teachers

DPI Circular about Collection & remittance of Athletic fund for the year 2014-15

Qualification to the post of HSA (Natural Science) -Modified order


Finance Dept : All Departments are instructed not to place the proposals for creation of posts

Reconcile Statement on amount spent - Regarding

L.D. Clerks in Aided Schools - Third Time Bound Higher Grade in the Scale of Pay of Junior Superintendent - Modification - Orders - Issued

Free Carrier Guidance for Minority Students

Including new nursery/per-primary section in noon meal program

OBC Pre-Matric - List of rejected schools with reason for rejection

Regarding attaining Pension Benefits

Science/Maths/Social Science Action Plan & Circulars

Ernakulam Revenue District : Temporary appointment of excess teachers

Transfer & Postings of DEOs/DDEs

SSLC 2015 - Direction on Age Exemption

OBC Pre-Matric Scholarship : Fund Distribution | Alloted Schools | Beneficiaries List

Starting IED(MR) Resource Center in General Schools

Midday Meal - First Allotment list for schools

Sampoorna Help File
- (Prepared By : N P krishnadas,it@school- Malappuram)

National Handicapped Award 2014 - Circular

Clean Campus Safe Campus
Circular & Pledge - Press Release

IEDC Medical Camp 2014-15 - Circular

Inspire Award 2014-15
Circular - Website - Help File - General Guidelines

Financial Assistance for children from women headed families - Application Form

School Kalolsavam - Fund Collection

Financial Assistance for children who excel in Art forms

Kairali Vijnjan Pareeksha

Only Five Working Days for Higher Secondary Schools - Orders Issued

Only Five Working Days for Higher Secondary Schools - Orders Issued

June 26 - International Day Against Drug Abuse
News | DPI Circular | Pledge

OBC Scholarship 2013-14 - Distribution



PTA Award 2013-14 Circular - Proforma - Score Details

June 26 - International Day Against Drug Abuse
News | DPI Circular | Pledge

Updating online data base of Students, Staff and Text Books

Posting of guest teachers in the vacancy of Master Trainers in IT@School

Protecting Children Against Abuse - Guidelines

Deployment of excess teachers under working arrangement

Sri. Ayyankali Memmorial Scholarship - Application Form

Teachers Award 2014 -15

Prof.Joseph Mundasery Smaraka Award -2013 : Press Release

Court Judgement against GO(P)92 /2014

Plus One Result - 2014 : Student Result | School Wise | HSS School Codes
Revaluation fee for Each paper: Rs.500, Photocopy : Rs.300, Scrutiny : Rs.100 (Last Date June 30)

Snehapoorvam Project - Details & Application Form

Notification for appointing Junior Research Fellow in the NCERT Project

ജൂണ്‍ 19 : വായനാ ദിനം : സന്ദേശം - സര്‍ക്കുലര്‍ - കുറിപ്പ്‌ - (കുറിപ്പ്‌ pdf രൂപത്തില്‍)

Minority Prematric Scholarship 2014-15 : Instruction for Applicants | Instructions for HM,AEOS,DDEs,DDEs | Application Form | Declaration Form | School wise fund Allotment 2013-2014

Staff Fixation 2014-15

Departmental Test not compulsory for age attained 50
For HS HM/AEO Promotion | For Primary HM Promotion

(including revaluation & SAY)

School Mapping - Find your School

Dearness Allowance/Relief Revised

Kerala Engineering Rank List 2014

Muslim/nadar/Anglo Indian/FC BPL Girls/LSS-USS/National Scholarship from Rural Areas - scholarships - 2014-15 - Circular 2

Minority Pre Matric Scholarship 2013-14 : Circular 1
Beneficiaries List : D.E.O Wise - School Wise

OBC Pre Matric Scholarship - Beneficiaries List
(login with your school user name and password)

NMMS Scholarship : Circular - Beneficiaries List

LSS/USS Scholarship : Results

Giving instructions to prevent Child Abuse - Circular

Data Collection of School Employees : Circular - Website

Muslim/nadar/Anglo Indian/FC BPL Girls/LSS-USS/National Scholarship from Rural Areas - scholarships - 2014-15

Notification for admission to PPTTC 2014-16 (including revaluation & SAY)


Provisional seniority list of officers in the cadre of Special Education IED,O/o DPI

Transfer & postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of departmental High schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories

Conducting PSC Exams in schools - instructions

Gen. Education : Filling of Temporary posts - regarding

Filing of Property Statement by Aided School Managers - Form A - Form B - Form C

Anti Child Labour - Pledge (June 12)

Vayana Dina Varacharanam

Vidyarangam Kalasahithya Vedi : Manual - Competitions

Tobacco Free Campus - Circular

Awareness of nutritious food - Training to School Teachers

Awareness of nutritious food - Training to School Teachers

Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supply(WIFS) : Circular

List of Retrenched Staff for Non Teaching Staff Package

Teaching of Sanskrit as main subject from STD I - Permission accorded

Fund distribution of Minority Scholarship

Permission for buying Ithiri Neram; Othiri Karyam (Book written by Balachandra Menon) using special fee fund

Minority Pre Matric : Circular on fund Distribution - Beneficiaries List

Sixth Working Day Strength 2014-15 : Circular

World Environment Day - Pledge

Gov. offices - Migration from windows to Open source - GO

Permission for Neem Tree Plantation

SSLC Certificate Distribution - Circular

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